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--  Minister's get-a-way   -- 


   After three years of preparation, Stephanie and I would like to announce that we are ready to host missionaries and ministry leaders at our home, The Workshop. We still have some areas under construction and will be expanding guest accommodations in the future as donations permit.  

   The guest level requires some finishing details, however, we believe that it is ready for you to experience a time of rest, restoration and refuge. 

  We have framed this as an adult-centered experience for ministry. We trust that you will be able to find time away from family and ministry to encounter God with us. 

   Stephanie and I each have insightful gifts from God to help you, if needed, connect with God afresh. 

   We have trails and sitting areas on our 18 acres and a couple outdoor-only cats to keep you company. 

   We are open to you having your RTF time here. 

   If our schedule allows we can do an airport run. 

Contact us for rates.

Screen Shot 2022-09-04 at 3.32.30 PM-27.png

  • You should budget for a time away every year anywhere. 

  • Plan details with staff, finish outstanding work if possible. 

  • Distribute your tasks among staff. 

  • If you only read to further your ministry competency, it might be time to read for the sake of enjoyment. 

  • Do not feel guilty about taking time off.

  • Continue your devotion or prayer times.

  • Set up a prayer team for your stay.


What we tell ourselves can become self-fulfilling.
Come Believing:
   …that things will go well at home or ministry. You planned now, trust God and them to flourish while you are gone.
   …that you will hear from the Holy Spirit, even if you are in a dry season.
   …you are a beloved Child of God and He cares for you.
   …everything will be fine at home.

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