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Guest Level

    We are continuously on the lookout for books that will give you insights into the heart of God. I have gathered these book from a wide range of denominations and centuries. Our hope is that you will start reading a book and God will speak to you. I recommend ordering the book while you are here so it can be waiting at home for you to finish. 
   Spend as little time as possible on social media and streaming entertainment. Pushing away noise will help you.
   Minimize contact with family and work while here. The earlier you set this expectation with them the easier your time away will be for them.
   Our focus is for you to have a time that will provide REST  from a busy schedule, REFUGE from the attacks of the enemy, and RESTORATION of any aspect lacking in your relationship with God and others. 

Over the years I have been preparing a booklet for your arrival that covers the rewarding and challenging parts of any ministry life. We pray that God can use it to deepen your relationships.

Things you should know about your stay with us.

Sleep and plenty of it. Our minds and bodies are designed to heal while sleeping. We want you to beware that we go to bed around 9:00 pm and wake around 4-5:00 am each day. While you are here we will not make noise until about 8:00 am, acknowledging that some people are night owls.

Bring meals for yourself. 
We will plan to have a dinner or two with you depending on your length  of stay. It will be whatever we happen to be having for dinner, no menus at our house! We eat about 5:00 pm each night.
We have a Microwave, mini refrigerator, toaster, plates, coffee bar, and a freezer available for your use.
There's a variety of wildlife. Don’t approach bears, dogs, or strangely dressed men (Brian excluded).
Let us know as soon as possible if there is a spill, incidents happen. Please bring dirty dishes upstairs, do not wash then in the bathroom sink. 
Let us know if you want a fire, if weather permits.
Outdoor only cats!
If they come inside don't chase, tell us. They only nip if you rub their belly.
We are still a work-in-progress. We have plans to refine a kitchenette area.  
pets 3-42.jpeg
No pets allowed. Please Make arrangements for their care before you come.

“I'm blessed every time I come. We love the improvements. I was here when they first got the property.”

“I felt a deep and profound intimacy sitting alone in my room, that I was afraid to move for fear of loosing it.”

“I was on the edge of a big life decision and they contacted me out of the blue, I am forever grateful I came.”

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